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Take a Tour of Tourison

February 17, 2019 2-4 PM
at 508 E Sedgwick St (A Tourison Home!)

A Pictoral History of East Mt Airy Back by Popular Demand!

Ashton Tourison, Sr., was a Mt. Airy resident and real estate developer who constructed his own unique home on Ardleigh Street. In c. 1904, he set his sights on developing Sedgwick Farms, a large section of East Mt. Airy.
Ashton's marketing plan described ''stone-built homes, planned on an architectural idea that makes each different from the other, yet in perfect harmony with all."
Join us for the pleasure of viewing a pictorial history that vividly illustrates the role of Tourison's Ye Sedgwick Farms Company in East Mt. Airy's evolution. The company left a legacy of beautiful, enduring homes that we continue to enjoy and appreciate today.

Tickets: $20, available at

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