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Sustaining Our Sites Grant Award Ceremony

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 10am
at Germantown Historical Society

Historic Germantown awards over $75,000 in grants to historic sites

Sustaining Our Sites (SOS) Fund helps local historic sites!  Historic Germantown is proud to announce that it has awarded $78,000 in grants to its member sites at a ceremony on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 10:00 am at 5501 Germantown Avenue. The Sustaining Our Sites (SOS) Fund was launched in 2014 to further the sustainability of all member sites and to draw the consortium sites together in collective development. The fund is a step toward leveraging the power of the collective to develop a pool of money to be used for improvements to historic sites.

Historic sites are engaged in community programming and outreach but many sites are headed for serious disrepair and loss of historic fabric as funding for preservation maintenance is scarce. The Sustaining Our Sites Fund seeks to fill that gap. Since 2014, 10% of the organization’s annual benefit proceeds have been earmarked for the SOS Fund. In 2015 two donors pledged $100,000 to Historic Germantown to support the Sustaining Our Sites Fund and for other projects including reinstalling banners along Germantown Avenue. The SOS Fund is an initiative that supports HG’s mission to serve historic sites in Philadelphia’s Old German Township and to work collaboratively with sites to preserve extraordinary historic assets, increase access, interpret them to the public and raise their visibility.

Each eligible site under the Historic Germantown umbrella will receive an average of $6000.00. Funding must be used for exterior improvements at member sites.  This year’s grant projects include repairs to doors, windows, gates, fences, roofs and other historic structures.

The granting process started with an application submitted by eligible member sites and funding decisions were made by a panel of four experts in preservation and construction. Member sites were required to describe their proposed projects, demonstrate need, discuss the project’s significance to the broader community, list their action plans and discuss how they would leverage the funds to gain additional support. Applicants submitted “before” photos and agreed to sending a progress report and “after” photos if funded.

The intended outcomes for the Sustaining Our Sites Fund are to 1) Provide funding support for and have immediate impact on member sites’ capital needs; 2) Strengthen the consortium by enhancing collaboration and cooperation among HG’s member sites; 3) Use the SOS funding to leverage other funding for similar projects.

Historic Germantown is committed to the community and the Northwest region and believes that efforts to work collaboratively to improve local treasures will contribute to a vibrant community. HG hopes to continue the fund by connecting with others who are interested in supporting and giving to this worthy cause.

About the Sustaining Our Sites (SOS) Fund:
Sustaining Our Sites is an initiative that supports Historic Germantown’s mission to contribute to the viability of historic sites by working collaboratively with our members to preserve extraordinary historic assets, increase access, raise visibility and make them relevant to the needs of the people and the communities that surround them. Launched in 2014, the SOS fund supports preservation repair and maintenance projects at Historic Germantown’s member sites. Prospective donors please contact

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