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Literary Parlor

March 10, 2019 1:30-3 PM

Join bibliophile, Kate Howe, as our Literary Parlor discusses Anthony Trollope’s fortieth book, Dr. Wortle’s School. The novel, set in the fictional 19th century British parish of Bowick,  revolves around Dr. Wortle’s Christian Seminary. Wortle hires Mr. and Mrs. Peacock, a respected English scholar and his American wife. The discovery that Mr. and Mrs. Peacock are not legally married scandalizes Bowick residents. Mrs. Peacock erroneously thought that her first husband, an abusive drunkard named Colonel Ferdinand Lefroy, was killed in America’s Civil War. The novel revolves around Wortle’s attempts to re-build his reputation, Mr. Peacock’s search to discover Colonel Lefroy’s true status, and the town’s judgment of bigamy as a sin. Cost: $15 Make reservations online at 

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