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"Germans, Generals and Gentlemen"

Founded in 1692 by a group of German immigrants, Germantown was a refuge by Philadelphia’s elite during the Colonial Period. Learn about the first German settlers and the history of the German Township with a visit to the Germantown Historical Society. Continue with a tour of Grumblethorpe, summer home to wine merchant John Wister and where General Agnew died during the Battle of Germantown. Conclude with a visit to the Germantown White House, the home of George Washington for periods during 1793 and 1794.

"The American Revolution in Germantown"

Follow in the footsteps of the Continental Army! Begin your tour at Cliveden, the site of the only Revolutionary War battle fought in Philadelphia. Then visit the Concord School & Upper Burying Ground, a one room school that survived the battle and resting place to more than 50 Revolutionary soldiers. Conclude your day with a tour of Stenton, used as headquarters by the British Army and considered to be one of the most authentic historic homes in Philadelphia.

"African American History in Germantown"

Germantown has stories of enslavement, freedom and progress. Begin your tour at the Germantown  Mennonite Meetinghouse and see the table where the first protest against slavery by whites was signed. Learn about the enslaved populations of the Chew family from research into recently found documents during your tour of Cliveden. Continue your journey at the Johnson House, and hear of the freedom seekers who stopped there while traveling on the Underground Railroad. 

"Victorian Germantown"

Learn about life in late 19th century Germantown. Visit the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion, part of one of the first commuter suburbs and the only authentically restored Victorian house museum in Philadelphia. Continue your journey at the Johnson House, where visitors will learn about the abolitionist movement and the home’s use as a stop on the Underground Railroad. The tour concludes with a visit to the Hood Cemetery, where many Civil War soldiers are laid to rest.

"Germantown Gardens"

Enjoy the great outdoors in the gardens of Germantown. Wander through the Awbury Arboretum, a lush  55 acre landscape. Your next stop is Wyck, where you can see the oldest rose garden growing in its original plan in the United States. Complete your visit a tour of Grumblethorpe, where  the gardens have been restored to their early 19th century glory.

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